Last Updated on Friday, January 31, 2020

NJ First Dates introduces single adults to one another via social events known as “speed dating” events for the purpose of romantic, business, platonic or any other social relationship.

The information contained on this page is the “Terms of Use,” synonymous with “Terms and conditions” or “Disclaimer,” of NJ First Dates.  Participants of NJ First Dates speed dating events as well as visitors of NJFirstDates.com are bound to the “Legal Agreement” that the “Terms of Use” constitutes.  These terms are subject to modification at any point in time without prior notice being given.  All participants and visitors take full responsibility as well as agree to be held solely accountable for any action that violates the Terms of Use as they are outlined in the following “Agreement.”

All participants of NJ First Dates speed dating events must be 21 years of age or older.  Upon request, participants must be prepared and willing to provide proper identification and proof of age.

NJ First Dates does not perform background or marital status checks of any participant.  Participants agree that it is their personal responsibility to perform any of these checks if so desired.  By registering for one of NJ First Dates’ speed dating events, you are declaring that you are single, available, and not otherwise attached.

NJ First Dates will to the best of their ability, introduce single couples.  However, NJ First Dates does not guarantee participants “matches” as they are defined within NJFirstDates.com.  Furthermore, NJ First Dates does not guarantee that any future meeting or dates will occur with other participants as a result of attending one of NJ First Dates speed dating events.

Participants of NJ First Dates’ speed dating events are not allowed to directly ask for another participants’ contact information.  Participants are not to make any inappropriate, lewd, or sexual comments or inquiries.  Touching a participant in an inappropriate manner or following a participant home is strictly prohibited.  Participants are not allowed to loiter at a venue once the speed dating event has ended in the venue manager, owner or staff has asked them to leave.  In the case that a NJ First Dates host asks a participant to leave, they must leave the venue immediately.

NJ First Dates reserves the right to deny any participant registration to any of its speed dating events for any reason whatsoever. In the case that the registration fee has already been collected; NJ First Dates with refund the participant’s registration fee in full and prevent them form participating in any NJ First Dates event.

In the event that a NJ First Dates speed dating event is cancelled, participants will be notified immediately by a NJ First Dates staff member and have their registration fee for that event refunded.  In the case that an event is postponed to a later date or moved to a different venue; participants agree to attend the event on the new date or at the new venue.  In the case that a participant can not attend due to venue change or postponement; they must contact NJ First Dates immediately, so that a refund of the registration fee or a credit towards another event may be issued.

NJ First Dates will not sell or inappropriately use any participant’s personal information.  NJ First Dates will supply participants’ names, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses exclusively to their “matches.”  “Matches” refers to participants that mutually expressed interest in one another on their “match cards.”

You agree to use the NJFirstDates.com website in an ethical and lawful manner.  Our website contains proprietary and copyrighted information.  No participant or visitor is allowed to share or download any text or images from NJFirstDates.com   Furthermore, recreation of our website for personal use, which includes saving the website in part or in full on hard drive or PDF or any other file, is strictly prohibited.

In the following paragraph, “Competitor” is a term used to refer to any organization or company involved in the same industry as NJ First Dates.  In addition, “competitor” also encompasses any friend, relative, or employee of any person in or associated with companies and organizations in the same industry as NJ First Dates; this includes any relationship or dating websites as well as organizers of social events.  Competitors of NJ First Dates can not visit NJFirstDates.com for the use of competitive research.  In addition, competitors can not utilize any software on NJFirstDates.com for the purpose of examining the website’s Alexa Rank, Page Rank, Compete Rank, number of monthly visitors, venues associated with NJ First Dates, or website source code.  Furthermore, the use of software on NJFirstDates.com to examine website grade, quantity of back-links, or other information is also prohibited.  Competitors are not allowed to register for any NJ First Dates speed dating event without the prior explicit consent of the President of NJ First Dates.  Competitors are required to inform NJ First Dates of their status as a competitor if they plan on attending a NJ First Dates event.

Participants are solely responsible for any personal property or belongings during and after any NJ First Dates event.  NJ First Dates will help participants to the best of their ability to search for/report any stolen or lost property so long as NJ First Dates has been notified in a timely and reasonable manner.  However, NJ First Dates is not responsible for any stolen, lost or damaged property.

All gift certificate purchases must be made by persons 18 years of age or older, to be redeemed by persons 21 years of age or older.

Monetary refunds will not be issued unless NJ First Dates has purposefully cancelled an event or moved an event to a date, time or place that a participant is unable to attend.  It is the sole liability of NJ First Dates to issue a credit from the admission of one event to be used for the admission of another event in all other circumstances.

In the case that a participant needs to cancel or reschedule an event, it is the responsibility of the participant to contact NJ First Dates via e-mail or telephone and give 5 days advance notice.  If a participant fails to appear to a NJ First Dates event and has not given the proper 5 day advance notice of their planned absence, they forfeit their admission and all refunds and transfers.  NJ First Dates reserves the right to make exceptions to the preceding rule at their own discretion.

You agree that if there is a low turnout that you will NOT expect a refund, and that the only remedy will be for us to give you a credit for another event.

Participants agree that in the case of any personal damage, NJ First Dates sole liability will be equal to the price of the event ticket that the participant has purchased.

In the case of a participant disputing a NJ First Dates charge for any reason and initiating a charge back with a credit card company; NJ First Dates is authorized by the participant to send the credit card company a copy of the credit card authorization form that was signed by the participant as well as a copy of the signed match card as proof of the participant’s attendance.  Any failure to attend an event without the aforementioned 5 day advance notice; will result in the forfeiture of a refund of any kind.  In the case that a participant can not attend an event and does give proper advance notice, NJ First Dates can apply the admission payment toward the use of admission for a future speed dating event.  However, the participant is not entitled to a monetary refund.  In the case of a participant initiating a charge back in violation of NJ First Dates’ terms and conditions; the participant agrees that NJ First Dates can take legal action against them and consequently the participant is solely responsible for the legal fees of both parties, (the participants and NJ First Dates) as well as for the compensation of the time utilized by the NJ First Dates Staff in fighting the charge back.

Participants agree to allow NJ First Dates to publish any testimonial submitted to them on NJFirstDates.com

Through registration for a speed dating event, utilizing a contact form to contact NJ First Dates, or entering an e-mail address on any form on NJFirstDates.com, a user is consenting to having their e-mail address collected for the purpose of e-mail promotions, which may include notification of upcoming speed dating events or other singles parties. Please note voucher or promo codes have an expiration date -typically one year from the purchase or event date - that can not be extended.